October 23, 2002

High voltage electronics will make hybrid powertrains practical

Detroit – High-voltage semiconductors will soon make hybrid-electric powertrains practical for the full range of vehicles that consumers want.

With higher voltage, future hybrids can power larger vehicles with better
fuel economy and lower cost, compared to the technology on the market today,
said Dr. Alex Severinsky, CEO of the Paice Corporation and inventor of its
breakthrough Hyperdrive(TM) powertrain system. He presented a technical paper
to the Convergence 2002 Conference on the Hyperdrive system and
its lead-acid battery technology.

“High voltage semiconductors are unique to the Hyperdrive system and will
make hybrid powertrains commercially viable,” Dr. Severinsky said. “A 300-volt system
will not make an economical hybrid SUV, but an 800-volt system will.”

“Because of high-voltage power semiconductors, our Hyperdrive system, for
the first time, will enable fuel economy improvements of over 50 percent and
reduce emissions to negligible levels,” he declared. “It also significantly
improves performance of cars and light trucks and permits more design freedom,
without compromising safety or convenience and without significantly higher

Electronics will become the cornerstone of fuel-efficient, clean and
economical automobiles, he predicted. Power semiconductors, inverters,
batteries, electric motors, and computer controllers with sophisticated
software will be the new components of powertrain technology.

Dr. Severinsky said the Hyperdrive system can provide near-maximum
performance and cost-value with any battery technology, but lead-acid best
meets power density and cycle life requirements and has the highest potential
for rapid market penetration.

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