August 17, 2006

High-performance electric cars sell out in three weeks

San Carlos, California – The limited-edition “Signature One Hundred” Tesla Roadster, the first high-performance electric car manufactured by Tesla Motors of California, has sold out in three weeks.

The Tesla Roadster, which is completely electric, can accelerate from zero to 96 km/h in about four seconds, and has a range of 402 km (250 miles) and an equivalent of 1.7 L/100 km (166 mpg Imp) on a single charge, using a lithium-ion energy storage system.

Each customer made a US$100,000 deposit to reserve a roadster, which is expected to start delivery in mid-2007. Purchasers include actor George Clooney, Dennis Haysbert of “24”, and Jeff Skoll, formerly of eBay. For more information, visit

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