July 7, 2006

High gas prices driving some Torontonians to car-sharing

Toronto, Ontario – Torontonians are “fed up with high gas prices and ready for a change”, according to a survey by Zipcar. The U.S.-based car sharing service recently opened its first Canadian operation in Toronto.

The informal survey found that more than half of respondents said their biggest complaint about owning a car is the soaring price of fuel; 60 per cent said that gas prices have affected them to the point that they have been driven to use alternatives such as car sharing, public transportation or biking with increasing frequency. Of those respondents, 75 per cent indicated they would use these alternatives even if gas prices fell.

In a recent survey of 2,322 U.S. Zipcar members, 77 per cent said that gas prices have driven them to seek alternatives such as car sharing, biking, walking and public transportation, and 86 per cent would continue to use them even if prices declined.

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