December 9, 2004

Hercules Tire Canada adds seven new commercial sizes

Mississauga, Ontario – Hercules Tire Canada announced the addition of seven new tire sizes to its Hercules-brand line for commercial trucks.

“We’re expanding our entire commercial tire line across the board to better serve the growing demands within this market,” said Rob Keller, vice-president of Hercules Tire Canada. “This includes sizes for all applications such as light-duty delivery vehicles (courier) and tires for low platform trailers.”

“These days, fleet managers and owner-operators are looking for ‘bottom-line’ and ‘cost-per-mile’ savings. We’ve positioned Hercules-brand tires as reliable — and viable — alternatives to the national brands, especially when it comes to drive tires,” Keller said. “Further savings, of course, are realized by re-treading or re-capping tires.”

According to Keller, in Eastern Canada, the 2004 projected medium truck replacement tire market is roughly 900,000 units. “Our new sizes are set to roll out to our dealers during the first quarter of 2005.” New sizes will include: 215/75/17.5; 235/75/17.5; 245/70/19.5; 8R19.5 and 315/80/22.5, to name a few.

“We have tires for trailers, highway drive applications and on/off-road applications. In fact, we have coverage in popular sizes for all applications,” Keller said.

Hercules Tire Canada has 350 dealers located in Ontario, Quebec and
Atlantic Canada. Hercules-brand tires are available in Western Canada through Remington Tire, based in Edmonton.

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