July 5, 2006

Heavy vehicles to get toll discount on Ontario’s Highway 407

Toronto, Ontario – Heavy vehicles that frequently use Ontario’s 407 ETR toll highway will pay less under a new savings program launched yesterday. The program reduces the video toll charge and provides toll rate reductions of up to 50 per cent during nighttime, weekend and off-peak hours.

“This is good news for truckers who frequently use 407 ETR and it offers real savings,” says 407 ETR President and CEO Antonio de Santiago. “We want to thank them for their usage and reward them for properly managing their accounts and transponders. Over 10,000 accounts, representing tens of thousands of trucks, will benefit from this savings program.”

Eligibility is based on the customer’s payment history, highway usage and the use of an electronic transponder on every trip. By law, all vehicles with a gross weight over 5,000 kg must use a properly-mounted heavy vehicle transponder, which electronically calculates the highway entry and exit points and simplifies billing.

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