July 24, 2006

Half of British motorists want elderly drivers banned from road

London, England – Congestion on Britain’s streets is getting worse, but drivers polled by online insurance broker www.motorinsurance.co.uk have a novel solution: ban elderly drivers from the roads.

Almost half of 300 drivers polled (49%) said that banning elderly motorists from driving during peak hours would ease congestion on Britain’s roads.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of the drivers polled believe that elderly drivers cannot cope with modern-day road conditions and nearly as many believe (49%) that their slow and erratic driving causes accidents.

“The impact of congestion on the UK economy in terms of lost time, fuel costs and general stress runs to billions, yet we continue to drive our cars more and drive further than the rest of Europe,” said Paul Cosh, managing director of www.motorinsurance.co.uk. “However, I do not think that picking on this nation’s most careful and experienced drivers is really the answer. To be honest, the views shown by this poll are quite shocking and simply do not stand up against the facts. Of course increased age brings its challenges, but healthy older drivers typically try to compensate for deficiencies. If anything, they also drive more carefully and avoiding risk-taking in general.”

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