June 14, 2007

Gulf Ethanol launches cellulose project for biofuel production


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Houston, Texas – Gulf Ethanol Corporation of Houston, Texas has announced the launch of an advanced initiative to develop alternative fuel stock for the production of ethanol. Gulf will pursue the use of sorghum as a feed stock, using advanced cellulosic ethanol production technologies, rather than corn or sugar, which can affect food prices.

Cellulose is an abundant fuel stock in America and is found in many non-food crops; the company feels that the growing characteristics of sorghum make it an ideal crop for ethanol production in Texas.

“Gulf Ethanol plans to develop ethanol production along the Gulf Coast, using non-food fuel stocks,” says president J.T. Cloud. “We will build our production on fuel stocks that are not subject to the pricing fluctuations common with corn and other food crops. This will give us a stable, abundant source of product for our production facilities.”

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