January 27, 2004

Guide to safe winter driving available free on the internet

Havertown, Pennsylvania – The Center for Safe Driving has released the Essential Guide to Safe Winter Driving. Consumers may download the Guide at no charge from www.centerforsafedriving.org. Bound copies may be purchased for U.S. $5 (plus S&H) by calling 800-887-6949.

The Guide is organized as follows:

  • How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Season

  • Tips Before Starting Out on a Wintry Day
  • How to Drive on Snow and Ice
  • A Road Trip Workout to Help Keep You Alert
  • What to do if You Get Stuck in a Rut
  • How to Survive if You Break Down During a Storm

The Guide concludes with The Fifteen Essential Habits. Here are the headlines from that Section:

  1. Go Slow in the Snow

  2. See And Be Seen
  3. Get a Full Checkup
  4. Pack a Winter Survival Kit
  5. Tank Up
  6. Practice the Road Trip Workout
  7. Beware 4WD Overconfidence
  8. Steer Clear of Road Rage
  9. Signal Your Intentions
  10. Observe the Two Second Rule
  11. If You Start to Skid, Pick ONE Thing to Do
  12. Never Pump Antilock Brakes
  13. Don’t Sweat It
  14. Practice Makes Perfect
  15. Just Say No!

Other featured topics:

  • Keeping Warm by Extreme Means: How your Hubcap and Spare Tire can Save Your Life!

  • How the Floor Mat Can Get You Out of a Rut
  • The Personal Energy Crisis
  • Give Your Back a Break
  • Taking the `Search’ Out of Search-And-Rescue
  • How to Select the Right Sunglasses for Winter Driving
  • The Great Weight Debate
  • Why You Need to Drive as if Everyone is Out to Get You
  • If You Really Love Your Shoes …
  • Why am I Skidding and What to Do Next
  • What To Do If an Accident is Unavoidable

The Center for Safe Driving is operated as a public service by the Innovation Factory, an equipment manufacturer.

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