May 4, 2006

Greenhouse emissions can be offset with purchase of renewable clean energy

Santa Monica, California – Ford Motor Company and TerraPass announced “Greener Miles”, a program that offers Ford vehicle owners the opportunity to offset the climate impact of their driving through the support of projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Drivers calculate the amount of CO2 emissions they generate in one year of driving by visiting Customers then have the opportunity to purchase an offset that supports the production of renewable clean energy from wind or dairy farm methane. This pilot program gives customers a simple way to be voluntary, active participants in addressing the challenges of climate change.

The Ford-customized offset program invites vehicle owners to visit, where an annual enrollment fee buys them a TerraPass based on the type of vehicle they drive and their annual vehicle mileage. Ranging from U.S.$29.95 to $79.95, depending on the type of vehicle and miles travelled, purchases of Greener Miles TerraPasses contribute to investments in U.S.-based renewable clean energy projects such as wind power energy or making power from dairy farm manure. All of the carbon offset purchases are third party verified by the Center for Resource Solutions, one of the country’s leading authorities on renewable and clean energy issues. Customers receive a vehicle decal as a visual symbol of their participation in the Greener Miles program.

“More and more customers around the world are concerned about the challenge of climate changes caused by the emissions or greenhouse gases,” said Niel Golightly, director, Sustainable Business Strategies. “We’re pleased to offer consumers one easy, affordable way to engage in a meaningful and measurable step to fight climate change and be a part of the solution.”

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