June 22, 2007

GreenField Ethanol announces new energy-saving technology


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Saint-Romauld, Quebec – GreenField Ethanol has announced it has completed a successful trial demonstration of new technology that it says will dramatically improve the ethanol production process. GreenField joined with Quebec-based Vaperma at its plant in Tiverton, Ontario to demonstrate and study Vaperma’s membrane technology.

The Vaperma membrane can remove more than 40 per cent water from an alcohol mixture, producing a 99 per cent fuel-grade ethanol product. The process is unique to the industry and GreenField says it has the potential to revolutionize the alcohol production process.

GreenField began discussions with Vaperma two years ago about installing a demonstration project in the Tiverton plant. This project proved to be the first large-scale demonstration in North America of membrane technology for the dewatering of ethanol.

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