Toronto, Ontario – The chairman and CEO of Student Transportation of America (STA) will be a featured speaker at this week’s Sustainability 2008: Canada’s First Green Investment Conference in Vancouver. Denis Gallagher will showcase his company’s efforts to provide a cleaner and safer environment for students as they are transported to and from school.

STA owns and operates the largest fleet of biodiesel school buses in Canada; in Southern California, it operates compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles that produce 60 to 90 per cent fewer smog-producing pollutants. The California fleet also includes Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV), various emission control devices for cleaner burning diesel, and company-wide maintenance programs to promote recycling of used oil and tires.

“Alternative fuels are better for the environment and better for students,” Gallagher said. “We are committed to providing vehicles that improve air quality and continue to look for new opportunities for ‘greener’ operations. While this process will take some time, we are committed to the program’s success.”

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