Initial announcement the result of “a rogue agency”

All that (short lived) excitement about a new Buick Grand National/GNX was for not as the dealer at the center of the rumour has issued a retraction.

Liberty Buick GMC in North Carolina sent out a press release on November 30 stating a new performance Buick would join the ranks in the fall of 2015. After GM Authority picked up the release, other outlets (including us) picked up on it (though, in our defense, we didn’t see the initial press release, nor did GM Authority mention one in its article).

AutoBlog made some inquiries on their own, with Buick stating the release was due to an agency working for the dealer putting together many speculative pieces from the web and presenting them as fact on behalf of the dealer.

General Motors then forced the dealer to issue a retraction.

“We love the idea of the Buick Regal GNX coming back to our showroom but for now, it’s only a concept. Bottom-line, the article was incorrect. Facts were not checked and we sincerely regret releasing the information,” stated Scott McCorkle, owner of the dealership in question.

However, there is something conspicuously missing from the AutoBlog article: a clear declaration from Buick communications manager Nick Richards denying the model is in the pipeline.

So, while there is no longer a wait list at Liberty Buick GMC, there’s still a chance there’s some truth to the rumour. GM Authority believes something else entirely, stating in an update, “We like to think that this is resulting from the lid opening a little early on the expected Grand National and GNX, and this is routine damage control.”


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