November 14, 2003

Government/private partnership invests $6.5 million in Canadian automotive research

Windsor, Ontario – A coalition of government, industry and public sector organizations called Auto21 Network, has invested $6.5 million in funding for seven automotive-related projects at universities across Canada. The federal government is contributing $1.8 million while several vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers and government departments and agencies have contributed $4.7 million.

“We are very pleased to assist these researchers attain world-class results in Canadian universities,” says Dr. Peter Frise, Auto21 Program Leader. “In addition to the development of leading-edge knowledge and technologies required by the automotive sector, these seven projects provide graduate and post-graduate students an opportunity to work in an academic research setting with strong industry collaboration. These students are the future innovators of Canada’s automotive sector.”

A team of expert researchers will work on each project bringing a multi-disciplinary approach to the investigation. The new projects add 32 researchers and 53 student researchers to the AUTO21 investigative team. Over 250 university and industry researchers, and more than 250 graduate and post-graduate students are already involved.

The seven projects are:

  • Safe Transportation for Seniors headed by Dr. Michel Bedard, Lakehead University and Dr. Jan Miller Polgar, University of Western Ontario. Other universities involved are the University of Alberta, University of Manitoba, University of Waterloo, and University of Windsor.

  • Evolution of Life Cycle Assessments lead by Dr. Heather MacLean, University of Toronto. Also involved are the University of British Columbia and University of Windsor.
  • Composite Acoustic Materials for Noise and Vibration Control headed by Dr. Noureddine Atalla, University of Sherbrooke. Other institutions included are the University of Ottawa and University of Toronto.
  • Electronic Controls for VVT and HCCI Combustion by Dr. David Checkel, University of Alberta. Simon Fraser University and the University of Windsor are also involved.
  • Sodium Borohydride Recycling for Fuel Cells lead by Dr. Boyd Davis, Queen’s University. Other universities included are the Royal Military College, University of British Columbia, and Carleton University.
  • PEM Fuel Cells and Related Technologies headed by Dr. Xianguo Li, University of Waterloo. The Ontario Institute of Technology, Simon Fraser University, University of Toronto, and the University of Windsor are also included.
  • Canadian Automobile Research Simulation headed by Dr. Jeff Caird, University of Calgary and Dr. Ata Khan, Carleton University. Also participating are the University of Guelph and the University of Montreal.

A description of each project can be found on the AUTO21 website:

Three Canadian federal granting agencies – the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) – and Industry Canada combine their efforts to support and oversee the NCE initiative.

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