May 2, 2005

Government of Canada confirms $269 million investment in Quebec’s transportation infrastructure

Quebec, Quebec – The Ministers of Transport for the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec have announced an agreement-in-principle between the two governments on joint funding for transportation infrastructure work in Quebec.

The Government of Canada will invest $269 million, which will be funded out of two existing programs: up to $197 million from the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund, and up to $72 million from the Border Infrastructure Fund. The Government of Quebec will match the national government’s contribution.

The priorities include $85 million for Highway 185, which provides a strategic link between Quebec and New Brunswick; $51.5 million for Highway 173 and Highway 73 in the Beauce region; $7.5 million for Highway 55 in Estrie; $57 million for Highway 35; and $38 million for Highway 50 in the Outaouais. In addition, the governments will each allocate $30 million for investments in rail and intermodal infrastructure.

The $269 million commitment is in addition to the $513 million already announced by the federal government for its first contributions to the completion of Autoroute 30, in the south of Montreal, and for the four-lane divided highway construction project for Highway 175 between Quebec City and Sauenay.

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