October 7, 2003

Goodyear offers new winter tire

Toronto, Ontario – Goodyear is offering a new winter tire: the Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3. The new tire features Goodyear’s V-TRED technology which aids in dispersing water and slush from the treadface, says the company. Its new 3D-BIS technology provides high tread blade density and additional biting edges while maintaining block stiffness. This translates into increased grip in snow and ice, but with controlled wet and dry steering stability.

As well, the tires have a rim flange protector to help protect expensive custom wheels from potential curb and pothole damage during the winter.

The Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3 is available in North America in 21 sizes, ranging from 15- to 18-inch rim diameters, and in aspect ratios from 65 to 35.

“Tires play the most important role in determining how a vehicle will handle in an emergency situation,” said Gus Liotta, General Manager, Consumer Tire Marketing, Goodyear Canada Inc. “It doesn’t matter how many electronic systems you have on your vehicle, such as traction control and anti-lock braking. Traction and grip are generated by making contact with the road, and the only things touching the road are the tires – through those four moving patches of rubber that roll against the road surface.”

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