June 17, 2002

Goodyear launches new web-site about RV tires

Akron, Ohio – Goodyear has just launched a new web site specifically for RV owners to help them select and maintain tires for motorhomes and other RV’s.

The new web site, http://www.goodyear.com/rv, clarifies the mystery of tire selection by allowing visitors to search for tire information by vehicle type or tire name. The features and benefits of each tire are provided, making it easier for RV owners to determine the best tire based on the size and application of their recreation vehicles.

Visitors to the site will also find extensive information about tire maintenance, including the factors affecting tire wear, tips on maintaining and storing RV tires, and advice on determining the proper inflation pressure for various load conditions.

“The size and special features of many motor coaches and motor homes distinguish them from other vehicles and make tire inflation and loading a much more challenging concern,” said Dave Beasley, director of marketing for Goodyear’s Commercial Systems group. Beasley said. “Operators must address the uneven weight distribution that results from slideouts, auxiliary fuel tanks, hot tubs, nonstandard storage compartments, as well as other options and customizations.”

The web site explains these unique concerns, and encourages RV owners to have their vehicle professionally weighed while it is fully loaded. The site also provides loading and inflation charts to help consumers properly inflate their tires to manage uneven weight distribution.

Goodyear also addresses and issues a strong advisory against the common practice of lowering RV tire pressure in search of a smoother ride. “Releasing air actually does very little to improve ride,” Beasley said. “Furthermore, underinflated tires compromise durability and optimum operating conditions.

Tires become more susceptible to road hazard damage, casing durability is diminished, and fuel economy suffers, and uneven or irregular tire wear becomes more prevalent. Overheating can also result from underinflation, bringing about an increased risk of tread separation.”

In coming months, Goodyear will also address another unique issue faced by RV owners: finding a tire service centre for their vehicles. The company is training its network of independent Truckwise commercial tire service centres to address the special technical needs of RVs. These dealers, who typically service over-the-road trucks, have the tire sizes and equipment needed to handle larger vehicles. After training is complete, Goodyear will designate qualified Truckwise dealers as Certified RV Service Centers, and they will be available for both regular service and emergency roadside dispatch.

Goodyear initiated its new commitment to the RV market with the recent introduction of its G670 RV Unisteel tire. This is the company’s first tire custom-designed for the highly specialized requirements of class “A” and “C” motorized recreational vehicles. The G670 RV Unisteel tire provides a smoother, more comfortable ride than standard commercial truck tires, which are frequently used on RVs. The tire offers superior fuel economy and wet traction performance, and it’s manufactured to provide excellent durability, improved handling and ride stability.

In addition, Goodyear continues to offer its industry-standard Marathon radials for trailer applications, as well as a full assortment of products for each class of recreational vehicle.

“We are proud of the long-running success of our Marathon tire, and RV owners have given us such positive feedback on the G670 RV Unisteel product that we’ve added two additional sizes since the initial introduction,” Beasley said. “Now, with the launch of our new web site and other initiatives underway, we are pleased to offer more of the information and resources RV enthusiasts need.”

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