July 14, 2003

Goodyear introduces new H-rated performance tire

Akron, Ohio – Goodyear has introduced a new H-speed rated tire: the Goodyear Eagle GT-HR radial replaces the popular Eagle HP line and 18 sizes of the Eagle GT II. The new Eagle GT-HR delivers a series of performance improvements versus the previous generation tires, plus it provides longer treadlife.

For a high level of grip, the tire’s directional tread pattern provides all-season traction on wet and dry road conditions. A computer-optimized footprint ensures consistent load distribution across the tread face, which provides drivers with responsive and agile handling – without compromising tread life, says the company.

A new feature, RaceWrap construction technology, was developed by Goodyear for Eagle race tires used in NASCAR. Similar to Eagle race tires, the Eagle GT-HR is built with a robust envelope ply construction. The ply wraps from the centre of the tread, down around the bead, up the sidewall and back up under the steel belts.

“It is a technology that ensures that each tire will deliver exceptional durability, essential for optimum high-performance driving,” said Bob Toth, marketing manager for Goodyear high-performance tires.

Toth said the new tire is aimed at consumers who view themselves as demanding drivers. In terms of applications, the Eagle GT-HR is built for late-model performance cars and sport sedans.

“We have recognized the growing demand for an attractively priced, H-speed rated tire, and the Eagle GT-HR is the result. It offers consumers the chance to experience the thrill of driving on a race-bred tire,” said Toth.

The tire also carries a 50,000-mile tread life limited warranty. It is available initially in 20 high-performance sizes.

“Eagle GT-HR is the ideal product for the auto enthusiast who is looking for high-performance value,” he said, “and it plays a vital role in updating our overall family of Goodyear Eagle performance tires.”

The Eagle GT-HR joins Goodyear Eagle RS-A, LS and GT II tires as choices in the high-performance segment. In Ultra-high performance, Goodyear’s selection includes Eagle F1 GS-D3, F1 Supercar, F1 GS and HP Ultra Plus.

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