Toronto, Ontario – A survey that found that almost half of commuters regularly travel alone is the focus of Carpool Week, held October 6 through 10, a joint initiative of Goodyear and Smart Commute at Metrolinx in the Greater Toronto Area to encourage commuters to share the ride.

“Carpooling is an effective way to save time and money getting to work,” said Ryan Lanyon, team leader for the Smart Commute program. “Sharing the drive is like paying half price for gas, and gives you access to speedy high-occupancy vehicle lanes.”

A key thrust of Carpool Week is the financial and time savings of carpooling. One of the primary findings of the study is that 81 per cent of commuters believe high occupany vehicle (HOV) lanes are a good way to encourage people to carpool. HOV lanes are used by 13 per cent of carpoolers in the Greater Toronto Area, saving them an average of 13 minutes on a one-way trip.

Throughout Carpool Week, Goodyear Canada is dispatching safety teams to Smart Commute employer parking lots to provide free tire inspections and laser tread depth analysis to carpool vehicles.

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