April 10, 2006

Goodyear adds carbon fibre to high-performance tires

Toronto, Ontario – Goodyear has announced that it has added carbon fibre to the new Goodyear Eagle with ResponsEdge Technology, available for high-performance vehicles. The tires will go on sale in May.

The outboard sidewall of the tire is reinforced with a carbon fibre insert that stiffens it for more responsive handling. Combined with conventional tire construction on the inboard sidewall, the tire still retains a smooth, comfortable ride.

The new tire includes a sound- and shock-absorbing layer made with Kevlar; in the traction area there is a dual-compound, asymmetric tread pattern, and on the inboard side of the tread, an “All Season Zone” offers an open tread pattern with the company’s Aquachutes and lateral grooves for water dispersion. There is also a Rim Protector and PermaBlack sidewall compound for new-tire appearance throughout the tire’s life, and to protect wheels from accidental contact with the curb.

The Eagle featuring ResponsEdge Technology will be available in 24 sizes and is aimed at such vehicles as BMW, Audi, Lexus, Acura and Cadillac.

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