March 18, 2005

“Good Samaritans” use OnStar to aid others

Detroit, Michigan – OnStar reports that each month, its operators receive about 4,500 calls from “Good Samaritans” who use the service to report other drivers requiring emergency assistance. The company encourages the practice among its subscribers.

“The Good Samaritan service is an integral part of OnStar’s industry-leading safety and security services,” said Cathy McCormick, Manager of OnStar Emergency Services. “Every second counts to increase the likelihood of survival in the event of emergency situations, especially in remote areas.”

Each day, an estimated 200,000 calls are made to 911 operators in the U.S. using wireless technology. OnStar receives approximately 13,000 emergency calls each month, which it transfers to emergency service operators for appropriate assistance.

OnStar will become a standard feature on all retail vehicles sold in Canada and the United States by 2007.

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