Nissan commits to electrify all the things. Sportscars and GT-Rs, too.

You get batteries. And You get batteries. And even YOU get batteries. That seems to be Nissan’s mantra this year, going into Le Mans and leading up to the Tokyo Auto Show.

Firstly, the House That Ghosn Built will be rolling out a sub-370Z sportscar in Tokyo this November. It’s expected to mimic the Esflow concept, with curvacious haunches and a helmet-like greenhouse. This is something we can all get excited about, until you read the second paragraph: “…the vehicle in question will preview the company’s latest electrification technology.”

Seriously? Just give us a BRZ/FR-S beater, please!

Nissan also plans to put batteries in a GT-R in the future (iGodzilla sounds like some kind of Apple-flavoured Japanese monster flick) and they’ll be tackling Le Mans in an electrified racer, as well.

[Source: GoAuto Australia]

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