Alltrack equipped with all-wheel drive, raised ride height

Volkswagen Canada is officially confirming we will have an all-wheel drive Golf Alltrack on our shores, hopefully before the end of next year. It will be the first all-wheel drive Volkswagen model built at their plant in Puebla, Mexico.

“I can indeed confirm that the Golf Alltrack will be coming to Canada! Volkswagen will launch the all-new, 7th generation Golf wagon early next year. The Alltrack version will arrive later in 2016,” stated Thomas Tetzlaff, manager of media relations for Volkswagen Canada over email.

“We see this vehicle as being very right for the times!”

While specific engine and transmission options have not been finalized, Tetzlaff also confirmed Volkswagen Canada has expressed their desire sell a Golf Alltrack in Canada with both the 1.8 TSI turbocharged gasoline four-cylinder and 2.0 TDI turbocharged diesel four-cylinder engines. They’ve also requested both engines be available with manual and automatic (DSG) transmissions, but the number of cogs for the manual options are up in the air.

This makes the Golf Alltrack an almost dead ringer for the stereotypical “perfect” auto journo car — an all-wheel drive wagon motivated by a diesel engine, equipped with a manual transmission, and painted a shade of brown. Tetzlaff wouldn’t fully concede on the new model being available in the chocolatey colour.

Just to give my fellow auto journos hope, Volkswagen Canada does have ‘Toffee Brown Metallic’ in their corporate colour wheel…


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