When will the rumours stop?

First, the Mazdaspeed3 was to lack turbocharging and go the front-wheel drive route. Then rumours spread of turbocharging and all-wheel drive. Turbocharging then turned into a possible turbodiesel.

One thing’s for sure: everyone has an opinion about the next Mazdaspeed3.

Now, thanks to Holiday Auto in Japan, the rumour seems to be going in reverse: a turbocharged 2.5-litre SKYACTIV-G (for gasoline) engine with all-wheel drive:

“They have denied rumours about the turbo officially, but have continued their research,” a Japanese industry source was cited as explaining. “It was said that the turbo and Skyactiv with a high compression ratio don’t work well together, but it has been already solved.” 

It’s rumoured a turbo setup has been tested developing 316 hp, though a production version would probably produce closer to 296 hp.

Our own sources have told us all-wheel drive is not in the cards, contradicting the latter half of the latest rumour.

Also, during a trip to New York City for NYIAS, I sat down with Shusuke “Kory” Koreeda, Mazda Canada president, for supper with other journalists. During the dinner, Mr. Koreeda asked journalists a number of questions, mostly around the views of Canadians possibly equating diesel power to performance vehicles. Could this be a hint of a performance diesel vehicle to come from Mazda?

Hopefully we will have a better picture of the next Mazdaspeed3 soon, possibly before a rumoured 2016 launch.

[Source: Holiday Auto via CarsGuide Australia]

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