CEO wants to “tap new sources of revenue and boost profit margins,” he said during conference call.

GM’s products are becoming more competitive and showing improvements in quality, yet comments like these made by GM CEO Dan Akerson leave a sour taste in one’s mouth.

Speaking on a conference call, Akerson expressed interest in wanting to “tap new sources of revenue and boost profit margins” by embedding advertising in GM’s MyLink infotainment system.

According to Reuters, GM will “start selling Internet-capable vehicles that GM says allow passengers in the backseat to watch streaming video” in mid-2014. This connectivity will also allow GM to push ads to cars.

“For example, what happens if when the logo shows on your screen, it says ‘brought to you by Allstate’?” said Akerson. “How many times is that going to pop? And how much can you get from Allstate?”

Maybe Akerson should focus on having at least one of their cars be best-in-class overall before trying to hustle their customers for advertising bucks.

[Source: Reuters]

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