October 29, 2002

GM web-site provides impartial auto buying advice

Detroit, Michigan – AutoChoiceAdvisor.com, a U.S. web-site designed to help consumers find unbiased automobile purchasing information, has been a success since it was launched last January, says a GM research manager.

“We ask potential customers questions regarding what they want from a vehicle and about the relative importance of those desires,” says Joyce Salisbury, research learnings manager for GM North America Market Research. “Consumers are provided an unbiased vehicle consideration set based on their needs and preferences such as personal usage habits, price, brand and body style preference, as well as the importance of certain features like gas mileage and frequency of repairs.”

A sophisticated decision engine recommends ten vehicles that best meet the consumer’s need from over 250 makes and models available from all major manufacturers offering products in North America. Factual information is provided by independent sources such as AIC and J.D. Power and Associates. Though some of the information, such as pricing, is U.S. specific, most of the information on makes, models, features etc. is useful for Canadian shoppers too.

In return, GM connects with online automotive consumers and increases the chance that people who might never have considered a GM vehicle will become aware that there is a GM product or service that meets their needs. GM also receives quick feedback on their preferences, providing real-time consumer-based guidance to GM’s product development and marketing teams. GM aggregates the information so that personal information is anonymous and consumers are guaranteed that their information will never be sold or used without permission. The privacy process has been certified by Trust-e, an independent, non-profit privacy organization.

Since the site’s full debut in January, over 265,000 qualified sessions have been completed, says GM.

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