Oshawa, Ontario – General Motors of Canada and OnStar have demonstrated a new technology, Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, which assists in the safe recovery of subscribers’ stolen vehicles. The system sends a signal to the vehicle to reduce engine power and gradually slow the vehicle down.

“From its inception, the motivation behind OnStar has been the safety and security of our customers and others on the road,” said Marc Comeau, vice president, sales service and marketing, GM Canada. “Every service we add builds on this original promise. Stolen Vehicle Slowdown allows our customers added peace of mind by helping in the safe recovery of a stolen vehicle.”

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown is an enhancement to OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance, which has been available since 1998, and which uses GPS technology to pinpoint the location of a vehicle reported stolen.

Once the vehicle has been reported stolen to law enforcement, the subscriber calls OnStar and requests assistance. OnStar locates the vehicle and provides the information to law enforcement. When an officer has established a clear line of sight of the vehicle, law enforcement requests OnStar to slow it down remotely. The vehicle’s parking lights flash so the officer can verify the vehicle’s location and that it is safe to slow it down; OnStar then sends a remote signal to the vehicle that interacts with the powertrain system to reduce engine power.

The new system, powered by OnStar’s newest Generation 8 hardware, will be available on several 2009 vehicles and will eventually be rolled out across the company’s portfolio. It is included in the one-year OnStar subscription with a new-vehicle purchase and can be renewed annually.

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