Ann Arbor, Michigan – General Motors and the University of Michigan have formed the GM/U-M Institute of Automotive Research and Education, with a strategic focus on reinventing the automobile and developing the next generation of high-efficiency vehicles powered by diverse energy sources.

The Institute, which builds on more than 50 years of collaboration between GM and the university, supplements GM’s ongoing research and development in advanced batteries, engine systems, smart materials, and vehicle manufacturing.

“No single company, university or government agency can act on its own to address the ever-changing global energy and environmental demands facing the automotive industry,” said Tom Stephens, GM vice-chairman for global product development. “GM is leveraging the finest faculty and students at the University of Michigan and our own talented researchers and engineers to accelerate the pace of innovation and develop the knowledge and technology solutions we need to reinvent the automobile.”

The Institute’s activities include an advanced battery coalition for drivetrains, engine systems, advanced vehicle manufacturing, including lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing processes and systems, and smart materials that respond to changing conditions or external stimuli, such as shape-memory alloys, that can replace mechanically-operated vehicle components.

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