August 23, 2005

GM to downsize the Aveo for Europe

Frankfurt, Germany – General Motors will debut its new Chevrolet Aveo in Europe at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt in mid-September, with a choice of engines including a downsized 1.2-litre, as well as a 1.4-litre version.

The Aveo, made in South Korea by GM Daewoo, is available in North America with only a 1.6-litre engine. Earlier this year, the car made its debut in China with a choice of 1.4- or 1.6-litre engine. The European version will be available in spring 2006; in total, the Aveo will be sold in over 120 countries. The 1.2-litre is rated for 6.8L/100km; the 1.4-litre is rated at 7.0L/100km, while the 1.6-litre gets 7.8L/100km in combined driving.

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