June 14, 2006

GM to build Chevrolets in Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia – General Motors will build a greenfield manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg, Russia, which will produce the Chevrolet Captiva SUV starting in late 2008. The facility will also produce a new generation of compact cars from knock-down kits.

The company has invested US$115 million into the facility, which will have a first-year capacity of 25,000 units; GM and its partners expect to eventually assemble more than 100,000 cars each year in Russia through various facilities. Chevrolet is GM’s best-selling brand in Russia, with over 35,000 sold in the first five months of 2006. GM’s overall sales in May 2006 represented an 80 per cent increase over May 2005; the company has been active in Russia since 1992.

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