August 27, 2003

GM to auction Chevy SSR ‘Signature Series’ vehicles

Detroit, Michigan – Chevrolet has announced plans for auctioning 23
Chevy Signature Series SSRs (Super Sport Roadsters) which have been
driven in its unique launch program for this all-new vehicle.

Kruse International has been selected by Chevrolet to offer 18 of the
special “pedigreed” SSRs through eight of its collector car public
auctions beginning on August 30, 2003. In addition, Chevrolet will
auction one Signature Series SSR through a GM-sponsored dealer auction
in each of the division’s five U.S. sales regions. Following completion
of the program, Chevrolet will donate a portion of the proceeds from the
sale of these 23 vehicles to a yet-to-be-designated charitable

The SSR Signature Series vehicles carry vehicle identification numbers
(VINs) ending with numerals 000001 through 000025. Auto collectors and
enthusiasts often consider vehicles with low numbers to be the most

VIN #1 will be retained by General Motors as part of its historic
collection. VIN #2 was donated by GM to the SAE (Society of Automotive
Engineers) Foundation who used the vehicle as a fundraiser for its Heinz
C. Prechter Scholarship for Automotive Excellence. When that auction
closed on May 5, 2003, the winning bid was $137,850.

Each Signature Series SSR has been involved in various high-profile
activities around the country including music tours, the Indianapolis
500 and major street art exhibitions, among others. During their use,
representatives of Chevrolet have been collecting memorabilia,
photographs, autographs, news coverage and other keepsakes that document
use of the vehicle. The collectibles pertaining to each Signature Series
SSR will be placed in a special scrapbook and custom-designed metal
“pedigree” box that will be provided with the vehicle when it is
ultimately purchased.

Information on the auction houses and for specifics on the individual
events where the SSR Signature Series vehicles will be offered can be
found at:

Kruse International

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