February 1, 2002

GM streamlines vehicle development and design team

Detroit, Michigan – General Motors announced it will restructure and streamline its design and vehicle development organization, realign several vehicle line teams and create the position of group vice president of advanced vehicle development.

Mark Hogan, currently president of e-GM, will assume the new position immediately. Working with design, Hogan will oversee the advanced work associated with vehicle programs before they are selected for production.

Bob Lutz, GM vice chairman and chairman of GM North America, said the changes will speed the process of deciding which products are produced and how they are to be designed by compressing the critical, early planning stages.

“We must move with a laser-like focus at getting great-looking, low-cost investment-efficient products into our system quickly,” Lutz said. “Mark Hogan’s role in blending great designs with the other imperatives should shorten our total development times and, most importantly, ensure that we have the right products. Simply put, there’s no room in this intensely competitive environment for anything but superb vehicles that are profitable and can be moved to the market fast.”

Under the new system, design goals for a new product will be established up front by the new advanced vehicle development team. Once these goals are set, design teams will develop up to nine proposals. The product leadership team, headed by Lutz, will select the three best proposals and produce models for consumer clinics. This process will reduce the development process by several months and help ensure that the best designs are produced.

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