November 1, 2004

GM signs agreement to produce hybrid and fuel cell vehicles in China

Shanghai, China – General Motors Corp. and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group signed an agreement on Saturday to jointly pursue the development and commercialization of hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles in China. The agreement is the first of its kind between a global and Chinese automaker.

During the signing ceremony, GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner and SAIC Chairman Chen Xianglin announced the partners will co-develop a demonstration vehicle using the latest fuel-cell technology, building on GM’s HydroGen3 fuel-cell vehicle. The two-year demonstration, which will begin in Shanghai early next year, is designed to showcase the benefits of fuel-cell vehicles in real-life applications.

The agreement reinforces the two partners’ strong commitment to provide solutions to address concerns over energy security and to reduce the environmental impact of China’s growing number of motor vehicles.

The partners intend to:

  • Develop local engineering capability for clean-energy vehicles.

  • Promote the development of a Chinese hydrogen infrastructure.
  • Contribute to the formulation of relevant regulations and policies by the Chinese government.
  • Promote general awareness of the future of advanced vehicle technology in China.

“The realization of a cleaner future will not be accomplished in a single step,” Wagoner said. “That is why GM is adopting a three-pronged approach to our overall advanced propulsion strategy, which we believe offers the greatest overall benefits to society. Hybrids will play an important role, but over the long term, we believe fuel cells powered by hydrogen offer the ultimate environmental answer. Because it has a developing automotive industry without a massive gasoline infrastructure, China is in a unique position to take the lead in moving toward a hydrogen-based economy.”

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