Yuma, Arizona – General Motors and the U.S. Army have officially opened the automaker’s new test facility on the Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona. The agreement provides GM with a test facility following the closure of its longstanding Mesa Proving Ground.

The new facility is the result of a cooperative agreement reached two years ago. General Motors has leased a portion of the Yuma Proving Ground from the government, and the two have built test roads and support facilities on the grounds.

GM sold the Mesa Proving Ground when residential and commercial building encroached on the rural land, and property values increased to the point that the proving ground’s land was more valuable for development than for testing. GM’s move from road testing to lab testing with math-based tools has enabled the company to operate with a more modestly-sized facility and limited test roads.

The new facility will employ 75 engineers, technicians and support staff and cover 2,400 acres of property on the Yuma site. The bulk of testing will be hot-weather, powertrain, ride and handling, and other vehicle development activities.

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