July 29, 2004

GM opens new plant to build high-performance engines

Detroit, Michigan – General Motors officially opened its Performance Build Center, a $10 million facility dedicated to building high-performance engines for low-volume, premium vehicles.

The first hand-built engine variant to come from the Performance Build Center will be the LS7 OHV V-8 that is the heart of the Z06 performance package earmarked for the 2006 Corvette – specifications and details for the LS7 will be provided at the 2005 North American International Auto Show.

Another variant of GM Powertrain’s newly revised small-block engine family, the Vortec 6000 6.0-litre V-8 (LS2), powers the 2005 Chevrolet SSR. It is an all-aluminum version of the new fourth generation of GM’s timeless small-block V-8. The Gen IV design comprises the latest series of technical revisions to the engine.

The new Gen IV small-block V-8 also will launch in several 2005 GM SUVs. Those trucks will use Gen IV V-8s with cast aluminum cylinder blocks and feature GM Powertrain’s efficiency enhancing Displacement on Demand cylinder deactivation technology.

The 2005 launch of the Gen IV also marks the 50th anniversary of the small-block’s launch in the ’55 Chevrolet line-up. The Gen IV variant makes the small-block one of the most enduring designs of any mass-producing industrial sector.

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