April 28, 2003

GM offers new sport suspension kits for Monte Carlo, Impala, Grand Prix, and S-10 pickup

Los Angeles, California – GM Performance Parts is offering suspension kits and race suspension parts for enthusiasts.

“GM Performance Parts is committed to delivering exciting products that will be demanded by race enthusiasts,” said David Poole, director- GM Accessories Business Channel, product development. “It’s a long-term commitment that will prove to be worth the effort in coming years.”

Extreme Sport Suspension Kit – PN 12371217

GM Performance Parts is offering enthusiasts the S-Truck Extreme Suspension Kit. With one part number the owner of a base model S-10 can upgrade a vehicle’s handling and look to that of the Extreme package. The beauty of this unique suspension kit is that it lowers most S-Trucks by up to 2 inches. Actual final ride height depends on the vehicle’s original equipment, vehicle weight, tire size and other factors.

The Extreme Sport Suspension Kit includes front and rear springs, 46-mm de Carbon gas charged shocks, 33-mm front sway bar, 22-mm rear sway bar, a fast ratio 12.7:1 steering gear box, and all required installation hardware.

The suspension kit is applicable to 1994 through 1998 regular cab and extended cab two-wheel-drive pickup trucks with the 4.3L V-6 and power steering or with the four-cylinder engine with power steering and air conditioning. The kit is not intended for S-series sport utility vehicles or pickup trucks originally installed with regular production option ZQ8.

Performance suspension parts

GM Performance Parts is offering enthusiasts five unique race suspension parts for use in their 1999 through 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 2000 through 2002 Chevrolet Impala, and 1997 through 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Here’s a look at suspension parts:

Adjustable Strut/Lowering Spring Package – These lowering springs reduce the front ride height by 0.9 inches and rear ride height by 0.7 inches. Higher rate coil springs add to cornering ability and complement the adjustable struts. Struts accommodate the compression/rebound adjustment easily from underhood (front) or in trunk (rear) with included adjuster knob. Adjustments can be made from a “firm” setting allowing maximum cornering to a “soft” setting approaching the ride quality of “stock” components. The part number is 12498354.

High Performance Tubular Rear Trailing Arm Kit – This kit increases rear suspension performance by eliminating rear suspension flex. It includes two rear-trailing arms. The part number is 12498649.

Heavy Duty Rear Stabilizer Bar Kit – This 19-mm bar enhances cornering by reducing body roll and is a full 5 mm larger than the base model and 2 mm larger than the SS. The kit includes stabilizer bar, part number 10274610; and bushings, part number 10415925. The kit part number is 12498642.

Heavy Duty Front Stabilizer Bar Kit – This 34-mm bar also enhances cornering by reducing body roll and is a full 4 mm larger than the base model or 2 mm larger than the SS. The kit includes a stabilizer bar, part number 10404184; bushings, part number 10403188; and end links, part number 10403402. The kit part number is 12498643.

Strut Braces – These are production-built strut tower braces designed to minimize body flex. The kit includes two strut tower braces, hardware, and installation instructions. The part number is 1245648.

Consumers can purchase the new suspension kits from any GM Performance Parts dealer. To locate the nearest dealer, www.Goodwrench.com .

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