March 14, 2003

GM offers foldable Hummer mountain bike

Hummer Bike

Hummer Bike
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Detroit, Michigan – Among the accessories available at Hummer dealers is a new Hummer Tactical Mountain Bike. Designed by Montague Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of military bikes, the bike has a patented folding system that was developed to allow Paratroopers an easy exit from military aircraft with a full size mountain bike. Once on the ground, the bike can unfold and traverse terrain silently at high speeds, with no thermal or acoustic radar signature. The bike also is used in conjunction with LAV’s (Light Armored Vehicles) and HMMWV’s as backup transportation and to facilitate battlefield reporting.

Made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminium and capable of extreme off-road riding, the Hummer Tactical Mountain Bike folds simply without the use of tools. By turning one quick release lever, the bike compacts in less than 30 seconds into a 3’x3’x1′ pack for easy portability and storage in an H2, closet, or boat.

“Teaming up with Montague demonstrates a new approach to accessories and vehicle personalization,” said Nancy Philippart, GM SPO executive director – GM Accessories Business Channel. “Montague is a forward-thinking company and is recognized for its technology, design and innovation.”

“The Hummer Tactical Mountain bike is a good example of how we plan to leverage the brand,” said Marc Hernandez, Hummer marketing director. “It compliments the H2’s military origins, capabilities and the premium nature of the vehicle. The bike also provides an opportunity to bring the Hummer experience to a wider audience.”

The Hummer Tactical Mountain Bike can be purchased through Hummer dealerships at a suggested retail price of U.S.$795. Other Hummer accessories available through the dealership include roof rack crossbars, wraparound brush grille guard, tubular tail lamp guards, and tubular assist steps. For more information visit

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