June 25, 2003

GM focuses on rebuilding passenger-car business

Detroit, Michigan – General Motors is focused on rebuilding its historical strength in passenger cars while broadening its current strength in trucks, the company said on Tuesday.

GM will introduce more than 30 new cars and car-based models in the next three years – and 90 percent of GM’s 2002 model year car entries and 94 percent of 2002 model year car volume will be overhauled over a four-year period. Over the next three years, GM will introduce 15 engine and transmission variants for passenger cars.

GM said it will focus on emotionally compelling designs and relevant technology. Leveraging a global base of architectures and powertrains, GM will be able to cost-efficiently build multiple derivatives while focusing intently on quality and reliability – and delivering products at prices that fit a wide range of pocketbooks, claimed the company.

GM’s plan is to improve its offerings at both the entry-level and luxury ends of the passenger-car market, while simultaneously tackling the middle and also rolling out high-performance models and variants to appeal to enthusiasts.

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