April 26, 2002

GM delivers fuel cell vehicle for California testing

Sacramento, California – General Motors delivered its first fuel cell demonstration vehicle to a California government-industry partnership yesterday, the first of several advanced technology vehicles that GM will demonstrate in California this year.

The HydroGen1 fuel cell vehicle, first shown in June 2000 in Brussels, is going to be used as part of a demonstration fleet, under the direction of the California Fuel Cell Partnership, which was formed by Gov. Gray Davis, automakers and energy companies in 1999.

HydroGen1 has been used in rigorous field testing around the world and has accumulated more than 20,000 miles, operating in the hottest temperatures on record for a fuel cell vehicle during an endurance run in the Arizona desert last summer. The vehicle is based on an Opel Zafira, a minivan GM sells in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The HydroGen1 has some impressive credentials.

  • It set 15 international speed and endurance records in the heat of the Arizona desert last year, including becoming the first fuel cell vehicle to cover more than 500 miles in one day and be driven in 100-degree Fahrenheit heat.

  • It led the men’s and women’s marathons at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.
  • HydroGen1 was the only fuel cell passenger vehicle to complete the tough 220-mile Los Angeles to Las Vegas trip during the 2001 Michelin Challenge Bibendum. The Bibendum is a competition and showcase for environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • At the 2001 Michelin Bibendum Challenge, HydroGen1 also was awarded a design trophy for the outstanding integration of its high-tech fuel cell system into the vehicle.
  • So far, more than 600 journalists, scientists and politicians have driven the HydroGen1.

To further its fuel cell development, GM has established partnerships with leading companies in the field, including General Hydrogen, Quantum Technologies Worldwide, Inc., Hydrogenics Corp., Giner Electrochemical Systems, L.L.C., Suzuki Motor Corp., Toyota Motor Corp., BPAmoco, ExxonMobil, and ChevronTexaco.

More information on GM’s advanced technologies and environmental performance can be found at www.gmability.com.

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