2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative
2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative. Click image to enlarge

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2010 Daewoo Matiz Creative

Seoul, South Korea – GM Daewoo has launched its all-new global minicar, the Matiz Creative, which will be sold in over 150 markets worldwide including North America.

“The Matiz Creative is an all-new minicar developed at GM Daewoo, the global vehicle development centre for GM’s mini and small cars,” said Michael Grimaldi, president and CEO of GM Daewoo. “With its best-in-segment design, performance and safety, the new mini is destined to become an industry benchmark and a winner among consumers in Korea and around the world.”

The car will launch in Korea on September 1, and then will be rolled out to other markets, including Europe and Asia. Korean models will feature a 1,000-cc four-cylinder engine that meets the stringent Korea Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (KULEV) standard, mated to a four-speed automatic transmission tuned to GM’s global standards. Features will include heated windshield wipers, roof rack, heated mirrors, speed-sensitive automatic locks, tilt steering, keyless entry, and a tire sealant compressor kit.

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