January 3, 2008

GM chief tops Motor Trend’s annual Top 50 Power Brokers list

Los Angeles, California – General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner has topped Motor Trend magazine’s Top 50 Power Brokers list, which ranks executives, designers and other individuals who are shaping the future of cars and car culture.

The editors of Motor Trend select the top 50 people who have shaped the global auto industry over the past twelve months, and are poised to do so for the future, ranking them by influence and impact on the automotive landscape.

“Those who make Motor Trend’s Power List have an influence that goes beyond the mere production of automobiles,” said Editor-in-chief Angus MacKenzie. “They are making decisions and setting plans that will impact millions, if not billions of people. They are setting the table for what we will be seeing years from now.” MacKenzie noted that four of the year’s top-ten honourees came from GM, including the “Rookie of the Year”. “GM’s showing on this list is a testament to the company’s progress in rolling out some very competitive vehicles, including (Motor Trend) Car of the Year winner Cadillac CTS,” MacKenzie said.

The top ten honourees on the list were:

  1. Rick Wagoner, General Motors Chairman and CEO
  2. Fujio Cho, Toyota Motor Corporation Chairman
  3. Ferdinand Pi

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