Detroit, Michigan – General Motors has cancelled a planned Buick crossover due to media and public criticism of the project. The company had announced the yet-unnamed vehicle earlier in August, saying that it would be offered in 2010, with a hybrid version available in 2011.

GM vice-chairman Tom Stephens made the announcement on the company’s FastLane Blog. “Last week, we had a new and future product showcase at which employees, potential customers, dealers, media, analysts and others toured our design facilities and test-drove vehicles at the Milford Proving Ground,” Stephens said. “The main reason we did it was to get people talking about us, and to us. And, this is the important part, when they talked, we listened.”

Stephens said that feedback was positive on upcoming Cadillac, GMC, and fuel-efficient Chevrolet models, along with three future Buicks, but “the Buick crossover we showed received consistent feedback from large parts of all the audiences that it didn’t fit the premium characteristics that customers have come to expect from Buick.”

The company earlier showed a small crossover that it referred to as the “baby Enclave,” and said that this particular vehicle did well and remains in the brand’s lineup. The plug-in hybrid system that was intended for the compact crossover will be applied to another vehicle that will be discussed in the very near future, Stephens said.

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