October 22, 2002

GM Canada introduces OnStar hands-free calling

Oshawa, Ontario – General Motors of Canada announced it will expand its OnStar service to include a nationwide wireless service that allows drivers to make and receive hands-free, voice-activated calls from their vehicles while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

With the touch of a button, GM Canada’s OnStar subscribers will now be able to place calls across Canada and the U.S. by using voice commands and preprogrammed nametags such as “home,” or “office.” The service will be available in both English and French and is planned to be in every major market area in Canada by the end of this year.

“In addition to reducing driver distraction, OnStar Personal Calling offers subscribers a number of other benefits,” said Dave Mitchell, OnStar Canada’s Marketing Manager. “Subscribers can purchase prepaid minute packages on an as needed basis, there are no extra roaming, long distance or system access fees, and the system is completely integrated in the vehicle, so there is no additional equipment to purchase.”

Personal Calling offers users a connection six times more powerful than a standard hand held portable phone by combining a nationwide wireless network with a three-watt embedded cellular phone and external antenna.

OnStar is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors Corporation which provides in-vehicle safety, security and information services using the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite network and wireless technology. OnStar services include automatic notification of air bag deployment, stolen vehicle location, emergency services, roadside assistance with location, remote door unlock, remote diagnostics, route support, OnStar concierge and convenience services. Additional information is available on the Web at www.onstarcanada.com.

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