April 22, 2002

GM announces new supercharger kit for Cavaliers and Sunfires with 2.4 litre engine

Long Beach, California – GM Performance Parts is offering consumers a new supercharger kit for Chevrolet Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfires with the 2.4 litre twin cam four cylinder engine.

Dan Garrison, GM Performance Parts product specialist explained the performance of small cars has been improving over the past few years. “With each new model year, manufacturers are one-upping each other with more power, better brakes and bigger tires: all this in a segment of the market that was once classified as economy minded and not sporty transportation,” he said.

The integral “roots-type” supercharger and manifold design was developed to maximize both engine horsepower and torque without sacrificing durability. “The integral design gives the supercharger a [clean] factory look and is [GM] factory engineered making it the only supercharger available that meets GM engineering standards,” Fitzgerald said.

The supercharger also has its own unique Vehicle Control Module calibration ensuring performance and driveability. And, the GM Performance Parts supercharger adds over 40 lb/ft of torque and boosts horsepower to 190. The end result is a reliable, compact powertrain that has more power than many V-6 engines.

The supercharger kit contains all the hardware required for a complete installation in one box. All mounting brackets, fasteners, air ducts, adapters, PCV hoses, baffle and tubes are included. A Gen II MAP sensor, 4 spark plugs, accessory drive belt and 4 fuel injectors also are included and required for a complete installation. The cost of re-calibration of the Vehicle Control Module also is included in the kit but must be performed at an authorized GM dealership.

Installation requires only normal technician hand tools, with the exception of re-calibration of the on-board Vehicle Control Module. The VCM must be done at an authorized GM dealership. Although no official “book time” exists for this kit, experienced technicians have completed an entire installation within a single day.

The 2.4L Twin Cam supercharger kit carries a product warranty covering the complete kit for defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles from date of installation. In addition to the product warranty, this supercharger kit will cover the powertrain (internally lubricated engine and transmission components) for the length of the original factory powertrain warranty. If the vehicle is already out of factory warranty, the additional powertrain warranty still applies depending on the age and actual mileage of the vehicle at time of installation.

Consumers can purchase the new 2.4L Twin Cam supercharger kit from any GM Performance Parts dealer. To locate your closest dealer, visit www.Goodwrench.com.

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