Bogota, Colombia – General Motors Corporation and Isuzu Motors Limited have announced a new joint venture, GM-Isuzu Camiones Andinos de Colombia Ltda., to expand their truck and bus sales in Colombia. The joint venture builds on the longstanding partnership that GM and Isuzu have enjoyed in the region.

“This agreement demonstrates our commitment to commercial vehicles and will serve to strengthen the leadership of Chevrolet buses and trucks that are Isuzu-sourced for the Andean region,” said Pablo Ross, President and Managing Director of GM Andean Region. “It will also continue to enhance the solid and close relationships we have with our clients.”

With the agreement, GM and Isuzu will aggressively promote sales and increase the market share of N-Series and F-Series commercial vehicles that are developed by Isuzu in Japan and manufactured by GM Colmotores. They will be sold under the Chevrolet brand, with a “Technologia Isuzu” sub-brand.

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