May 5, 2005

GM and Flyer deliver Canada’s first hybrid bus to B.C. transit

Kelowna, B.C. – General Motors of Canada and New Flyer Industries have delivered Canada’s first new hybrid bus to B.C. Transit, making it the first transit system in Canada to put GM’s advanced hybrid diesel-electric system into regular service.

“BC Transit is committed to adopting new technologies for public transit,” said Greg Selcombe, Chair of B.C. Transit. “The hybrid electric bus has major advantages in not only environmental quality but in lower operating and life cycle costs as well as fuel costs.”

B.C. Transit, the provincial agency responsible for municipal transit systems across the province, has purchased six 12-metre hybrid diesel-electric buses. Three of the buses will go to the Kelowna Regional Transit System and three to the Victoria Regional Transit System.

The GM hybrid system uses dual electric motors for regenerative braking that slow the bus down and capture the energy into the advanced battery system. This captured electrical energy is then used to assist the acceleration of the bus from a stop using quiet electric motors. The system delivers greater fuel economy and a reduction of certain emissions by up to 90 per cent over conventional diesel buses.

“The GM hybrid technology being delivered today is part of our March to Zero strategy,” said Gerald Daniel, B.C. Zone Manager for GM of Canada. “Our vision is to reduce vehicle emissions to zero and ultimately remove the automobile from the environmental equation. We are starting by introducing hybrids in the highest fuel consuming vehicles first, such as the buses and trucks that are available today, then expanding to SUV’s and passenger cars.”

New Flyer is headquartered in Winnipeg with two facilities in the U.S. and is the largest manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses in North America. By the end of 2005, there will be approximately 400 New Flyer hybrid buses in operation in North America with over 2 million revenue service miles.

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