Detroit, Michigan – General Motors will add a third shift to three of its U.S. plants, restoring 2,400 jobs. The plants are in Fairfax, Kansas; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Lansing Delta Township, Michigan.

The action is the result of consolidating products built at plants that are retooling for a new product, closing, or being placed on standby capacity.

Fairfax, which builds the Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Malibu and Saturn Aura, will become the exclusive builder of the Malibu when production ends at the Orion, Michigan assembly plant in November. In 2010, the Orion plant will being retooling to become the first U.S. plant to produce small cars for the domestic market in 2011. The new shift at the Fairfax plant is scheduled to begin in January 2010.

Fort Wayne will add production of heavy-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra from the Pontiac, Michigan plant that will close at the end of September. The third shift is scheduled to begin in April 2010.

Lansing Delta Township will add the Chevrolet Traverse, which is currently built at the Spring Hill Assembly plant in Tennessee. That plant will cease production in November but remain on standby capacity. The new shift at the Lansing plant is scheduled to begin in April 2010.

The changes are in addition to a previous announcement that a second shift will be added at the Lordstown Complex in Ohio in October, where the Chevrolet Cobalt is built, and the all-new Chevrolet Cruze will be launched in the spring of 2010.

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