June 23, 2005

Giorgio Armani receives an Armani Mercedes-Benz

Armani CLK
Count Burghard Vitzthum, Head of Alternative Communications Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, hands over the Mercedes-Benz CLK designo by Giorgio Armani to the renowned fashion designer. Click image to enlarge

Milan, Italy – Renowned Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani received a Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 cabriolet bearing his own personalized design signature earlier this week. Mercedes-Benz is offering 100 similar vehicles as part of its exclusive “designo” range.

Introduced ten years ago, the designo range allows customers to personalize their vehicles using a selection of exclusive material and paint finish options.

The Armani version uses a unique “sabbia” sand tone matte paint, high-gloss black decorative elements and a complementing roof covering. The interior is finished in brown leather and high-tech textiles, while all of the chrome trim elements have a matte “aged” appearance.

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