London, England – A new book, Hummer H2 – King Size America! has been released in English and German editions. Its publishers say it is the “biggest and most exclusive car book in the world”.

Written by German automobile journalist Hans-Jürgen Tücherer, the book measures 43 cm by 63 cm; when its centerfold is opened, the book reaches a width of 237 cm, wider than the H2 itself. It is published in a limited edition of 999 sequentially-numbered and signed copies, each weighing about 8 kg and bound by hand.

The German edition of the book, which contains more than 270 photographs, was honoured with the Canon Digital Print Award. The book is priced at €999 and upon request, can be personalized with the H2 owner’s name, license plate or VIN number. The English version will be available online starting in April. For more information, visit

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