February 28, 2007

German partnership to construct one of the country’s largest bioethanol plants

Essen, Germany – A partnership of three German companies has announced the construction of one of the largest bioethanol plants in the country, with a planned capacity of 200,000 square metres. Construction is scheduled to begin this year, with the production of bioethanol to be ready in the first half of 2009.

The companies – EPURON, a subsidiary of Conergy AG, along with AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and MAN Ferrostaal – say that the development and construction will total approximately 130 million Euros, but that the strength of the growing bioethanol market is favourable to the project.

The EU Commission has stated that it expects biofuels to take a ten per cent share of the overall fuel market by 2020; the Biofuel Quota Law, which came into effect at the beginning of January 2007 in Germany, requires the mineral oil industry to add bioethanol to consumer gasoline. The new plant’s capacity would cover roughly a quarter of the additive quantity required in Germany in 2008. The partners also say they expect an increase in the requirement of E85, which contains 85 per cent bioethanol.

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