July 21, 2005

Gentex to supply SmartBeam high-beam technology on three BMW models

Zeeland, Michigan – Gentex Corporation, a supplier of automatic dimming rearview mirrors to the auto industry, has announced that its SmartBeam high-beam headlamp assist technology will be offered in Europe starting this fall on the BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series cars. It is the first time any type of high-beam headlamp assist system has been offered by a European automobile manufacturer, or in markets outside of North America.

SmartBeam uses a miniature camera on a chip to maximize forward lighting by automatically turning on the vehicle’s high beams according to surrounding traffic conditions. If it is dark outside and no other traffic is present, SmartBeam will automatically turn on the high beams. The system returns the headlamps to their low beam intensity when detecting the headlamps or taillamps of other vehicles.

BMW will call the system “High-Beam Assist”; it will be available in Europe and other selected regions, in conjunction with Xenon headlamps.

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